Mothers’ Retreat: Sister Summit 2018

Posted on April 13, 2018

Smart from the Start hosted its annual Sister Summit, a retreat for mothers enrolled in programming from both Boston and Washington, D.C. The retreat featured fun self-care activities, as well as educational workshops. The Children’s Museum provided a “grown-up play” activity where mothers played with toys to hone in on their creativity and mindfulness. Our Associate Director, Brenda Daley, led a workshop on domestic violence and helped mothers reflect on the dynamics of power and control in their relationships. Our Executive Director, Cherie Craft, led a strengths-based workshop and encouraged mothers to identify some of their personal strengths and what most inspires them. The retreat also featured an evening of bowling and a Paint Night, where our moms created some impressive works of art! At the end of the retreat, the mothers took a moment to reflect on the weekend. Several commented that they felt “empowered” and “inspired to take care of myself more often!”