Upcoming Fatherhood Workshop Series

Posted on May 2, 2018

An important component of Smart from the Start’s Boston-based programming is our Focusing on Fatherhood program. Focusing on Fatherhood includes a fatherhood support group that meets weekly with the goal of helping fathers increase their role and parental participation in the lives of their child/ren. The support group is led by our Fatherhood Coordinator, John Mays, who recruits and invites fathers to a safe space setting where they can learn about the various resources available to them in order to help strengthen and expand their parental activities and increase their fatherhood role capacity.

Local fathers are invited to join an upcoming multi-week long Fatherhood Workshop Series, that will include:

  • Father & Child Literacy Night
  • “Tinkering” with Fathers & Children (fine motor skill development)
  • The Care and Keeping of Fathers (self care specifically for fathers)
  • Family Field Trip (a field trip for fathers and their children for fun bonding time)

Interested Fathers can contact John Mays at john.mays@smartfromthestartboston.org or call 857-308-3000.