Family Leadership Team Accomplishments

Smart from the Start’s Family Leadership Team is a cohort of parents and caregivers with amazing strengths and resiliencies who have demonstrated outstanding personal achievement, participation in the program, and leadership in their communities, despite personal struggles and challenges. Leaders attend workshops and trainings on a variety of topics to learn more about issues families and children in the community face, and to build on their skills as advocates, trainers and leaders.

A few of the FLTs accomplishments from October 2011 – October 2012:

October 2011 Trip to Washington, DC25 Family Leaders and their children visited the Nation’s capitol. Events included a tour of the US Capitol sponsored by our Massachusetts Congressional Delegation. 

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2012 Urban League Conference:Representatives of our FLT traveled to the Urban League Conference in July of 2012 to particpate in four days of intensive leadership training and to learn more about community empowerment and mobilization.
FLT Annual Empowerment Training: In August 2012, 51 new parents/caregivers with leadership potential were invited to join the leadership team, and to participate in a day-long empowerment training event at the Franklin Park Zoo!

2012 Community Unity DayOn August 18, 2012 Family leaders from all 7 Smart neighborhoods worked together with staff and stakeholders to celebrate the opening of 70 Community Unity Playspaces and book giveaway stations in local businesses, while canvassing and introducing new families  to Smart from the Start!

2012 Family Leadership Training Summit in NH:  Smart leaders and their families were invited to Bear Island, NH by the Lakes Region Family Resource Center to train their new family leadership team. The leaders spent a weekend camping with the NH families, sharing lessons learned and best practices in a spirit of unity and cultural change that will not soon be forgotten!                          
ROCK the VOTE Registration Drive 2012:Members of our FLT took the initiative to have Smart registered as an official ROCK the VOTE registration site.  They have trained other leaders in their communities to register residents to vote.  Without reference to any party or candidate, leaders have impressed upon their peers, the importance of being an active part of the political process!

The Family Leaders have been making real change in their lives and their communities,  but their work is far from done!  Veteran’s Day weekend they traveled to Washington, DC to meet with high level officials in the Department of Education and in Housing and Urban Development (HUD).
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