Washington, D.C.

Programs are now running at 2357 Ainger Place
 at the Smart from the Start, Woodland Terrace
Center for Child and Family Development!
Come by and check it out!

Smart from the Start’s work in Washington, D.C. began in the fall of 2012, when officials from the US Department of Housing and Urban Development, who were impressed with the progress made by public housing families enrolled in the Boston program, suggested a partnership with DCHA.  Following a series of productive meetings, leadership at DCHA enthusiastically invited Smart to pilot our program.

In partnership with the D.C. Housing Authority along with community leaders and stakeholders, Smart from the Start developed a plan for the replication of the Smart program model into housing developments in Southeast Washington, D.C.  Smart from the Start will serve developments where there is a high concentration of families with young children, where resources are few, and the need is great.

Please call Smart from the Start at 202-610-2000 to be directed to the appropriate Program Coordinator to schedule a visit.  We look forward to working together!