Program Sites

Please note locations may vary by time of year, please call Smart from the Start’s main office at 857-308-3000 to be directed to the appropriate Program Coordinator to schedule a visit! We look forward to meeting you! 



  •          NewTown Housing Development, Community Room 91 Medford Street, Charlestown 
  •          Charlestown Community Center 255 Medford Street, Charlestown
  •          Harvard Kent School 50 Bunker Hill Street, Charlestown
  •          Charlestown Center for Adult Education 76 Monument Street, Charlestown
  •          Bunker Hill Housing Development, Kennedy Center Resource Room 55 Bunker Hill Street



  •          Franklin Field Housing Development 52 Chauncy Street Dorchester, MA 02111-2375
  •          Grover Cleveland Community Center 11 Charles Street Dorchester, MA 02122
  •          Perkins Community Center 155 Talbot Avenue Dorchester Ctr, MA 02124
  •          Casa Myrna Shelter/Safe House Undisclosed location 


Jamaica Plain:

  •           Bromley Heath Housing Development 960 Parker Street Jamaica Plain
  •          JP Family Resource Center 2010 Columbus Ave, Roxbury, Ma 02119
  •           South Street Apartments 15 Saint Rose Street (rear) Task Force Room
  •          Bromley Heath Housing Development 960 Parker St, Jamaica Plain, MA 02130



  •          Gallivan Housing Development 141 Standard St, Mattapan, MA 02126
  •          Perfect Dental 644 American Legion Hwy, Mattapan/Roslindale
  •          Mildred Avenue Community Center 5 Mildred Avenue. Mattapan, MA 02126



  •          Thomas M. Menino Community Center (Once Archdale Community Center)
    125 Brookway Road
  •          Roslindale Village Community Center 6 Cummins Highway, Roslindale, MA. 0213
  •         Washington Beech Apartments 4560 Washington St, Roslindale MA 02131 
  •          Roslindale WIC Program 4159 Washington St, Roslindale, MA 02131
  •          ABCD Roslindale Head Start 19 Corinth St, Roslindale, MA 02131



*Smart from the Start’s Cross Site City Wide Center is located in Roxbury and known as:

The Michael T. Carmen Center for Child and Family Development

  •          Thomas Johnson Community Center 68 Annunciation Rd Roxbury MA


South End:

  •          Berkley Apartments (Once called Cathedral Apartments or Mandela Homes) 1472 Washington St, South End
  •          Casa Myrna Shelter Undisclosed location