For the Communities

Recognizing the fact that each neighborhood is unique, with their own history, demographics, strengths and challenges our programming is community and family-driven, and is customized to meet the specific needs of each community.  We honor, respect and value the input and expertise of our families and community stakeholders as we create implement and evaluate programming. By working side by side from the very beginning, we learn firsthand what the strengths and challenges of neighborhoods are, directly from those who live in, and navigate the communities every day. This leads to a high level of retention and continuity, because families feel a sense of ownership, programs are responsive to what they determine their needs to be, and are scheduled at times that are convenient for them. Our programming is uplifting, empowering, culturally sensitive and respectful.

We are providing thousands more with access to early learning and social support resources through our “Community Unity Partnership Initiative” which places “play-to-learn” play spaces and book giveaway stations in neighborhood businesses such as Laundromats, barbershops, bodegas, auto repair shops, natural pharmacies and others frequented by young families.