Kindergarten School Readiness Outcomes:

Smart has consistently invested in high quality, independent evaluation of our programs and their impact on the children, families and communities we serve.  Being a rather young program, we have been pleased with the remarkable progress the data is showing.

The studies included assessments focused on Smart’s impact on children’s development, as well as our impact on parenting and on family and caregiver functioning. We also collected data on the level of stress and trauma our families have experienced, all in an effort to gauge our efficacy as well as to inform programming and planning. The evaluation team has recently completed six months of child-related data collection, which began in February. We have our first school-readiness data.

Ages & Stages Questionnaire –
Subscale Scores; Ages & Stages: Social-Emotional Scores

Fall 2013 ASQ

Smart from the Start’s innovative model provides a unique opportunity to break cycles that have led to limited horizons and tragic outcomes for children in our communities.  With Smart’s combination of programs and services, the young children that we serve (in the context of their families and communities) will not require the level of intervention that teens in the city need today.  Instead, they will have the skills and support necessary to be successful in school, set and achieve goals, and to become leaders in their communities in the future.